Wellness Experience

A wonderful wellness experience in the magic frame of Sorrento Peninsula!

In the amazing frame of the Sorrento Peninsula, a short stay in a comfortable and panoramic “Spa Hotel” to rest your body and soul in a charming atmosphere.

The Package includes:


COSTS: Euro 350,00 for 2 people.

Please contact us to have more details!

Yoga Package

Come and discover a new way to enjoy your holiday!
Buy your Package of Yoga lessons and make your holiday relaxing and harmonic!



Famous at the global level, the excavations of Pompeii is the only archaeological site in the world, along with that of Herculaneum, capable of returning visitors a Roman town, whose life has remained firm to a distant morning in 79 AD, an era from which the Vesuvius decided to cancel by earth orbit.


Art and Folklore

Take a look at all the folklore and cultural events in the enchanting city of Naples!!!